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Joe’s been a writer and editor for nearly a decade. He currently leads global copywriting and social media activity for a major telecom. Joe has written for everyone from Eurogamer to PC Pro; The Telegraph to Nintendo. He’s worked on games like Split Decision and Skyline.

The Five Best Android Launchers

best google launchers

I always carry my phone with me and I’m always working on it, answering calls, playing or scheduling things in Sprout Social. It’s the computer I use the most, so it’s important that it works the way that’s best for me. One of the reasons I love Android so much is that it’s so customisable in both how it works and how it looks.

Over the last few months I’ve been trying out a bunch of different launcher apps to try and get to absolute workflow perfection. I thought I’d run through a bunch of them here.

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CryWankFace is On Sale…


Oh god.

CryWankFace, the game I conceived and developed with Craig Lager after a boozy session at Eurogame Expo 2012, is now on sale at It’s a name your own price game, which means you can also download it for free.

CryWankFace began as a joke about Crytek, who were running adverts for Warface before every developer talk at Eurogamer Expo 2012.We thought it was a silly name and that they should have called it CryFace, given the history of their other titles. Things…escalated.

Six weeks later, I did the art in MS Paint and Craig did the coding in MS Forms. It went through three iterations. Craig insisted the character look like Jonathon Blow and I resisted being too open about my involvement because I was starting a new job at the time. Somehow it got reviewed in PC Gamer, RockPaperShotgun and more. Now you can buy it.

The Eeyore of Games Journalism


I was on BBC Radio 5 recently, again. Game On’s Adam Rosser was foolish enough to invite me back to discuss Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Star Wars: Battlefront – along with the charmingly disarming Edwin Evans-Thirlwell. Listen, do.

As much as I love always love chatting with Adam and heaping praise on to Neo Scavenger however, the real highlight for me was being variously described as ‘the Eeyore of games journalism’, ‘a writer who can’t stop sharing his opinions’ and ‘Yesterday’s Man’.

So it goes.

A Love Letter To Love Letters In Games…

My talk from last month’s Videobrains event is now YouTube. You can still read the notes in the previous post, but I wanted to share the video so you can all see how immature I am with laser pointers. And nervous. God, I was nervous.

The talk is of course supposed to be about Easter Eggs in games, but upon reflection I’ve happily realised that the examples make it more apt to call it my love letter to love letters hidden in games.

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Videobrains: Easter Eggs


I spoke at Jake Tucker’s Videobrains event again recently. It’s a great series of monthly talks where journalists, academics, developers and fans come together to discuss their passion.

This month saw Emma Sinclair talk about the role of games in scientific research; Tom Hatfield talk about what computer games can learn from tabletop games and Kate Gray talk about games as a tool for overcoming anxiety. Videobrains is a great event that deserves your support.

I spoke about Easter Eggs; how we define them, what my favourite ones are and what they mean to me. I’ve also written up my presentation notes here, with slides in the right places and added links – but you can also watch a video of the talk on YouTube too.

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How I Work: Linx 7 and Accessories


I bought a tablet recently. As time has passed and my job has changed I’ve found my device needs have also evolved and that I spend the majority of my time working on mobile devices even when a desktop PC is an available option. Hence, a tablet.

The exact model, size and spec of my tablet has led to a few questions, so for the sake of easy recommendations I’ve gone into detail on what I got and how it fares here.

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I’m Talking at Videobrains Again

Later this month I’m going to be speaking at Videobrains – the really fantastic and affordable regular games event in London where indie developers, journalists and academics have drinks and share their thoughts. It’s a really, really fun event, as illustrated by the above video of Mike Cook’s last talk there. 

I actually try to attend every single Videobrains event, but I haven’t spoken since the first one – where I revealed never-before-seen copies of the design document for Deus Ex 3. This time, I’m talking about the History and Evolution of Easter Eggs (because: Easter).

Tickets are £5 and it’s an independent event that’s really worth supporting, not least because I’ll be talking with the likes of Kate Gray, Tom Hatfield, Emma Sinclair, Christos Reid and Len Cheung. Also, I buy a drink for anyone who can say ‘Hyperbole’ correctly 3x in a row. Or I will until it gets ridiculous anyway.

Buy Videobrain Tickets (£5)