The Unlimited Hyperbole Christmas Special


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This Christmas I’ve bought Unlimited Hyperbole back for a special episode, during which I threw the microphone into the crowd and asked you, the listeners, to send in submissions telling me the answer to one question.

If you could change one thing about your involvement with games, what would it be?

I was astonished by the responses which came back and I’ve presented them all here as straightforwardly as I can, with as little droning and editing from me as possible. Settle in for a longer, rougher and more optimistic episode of Unlimited Hyperbole than ever before, with submissions from the following delightful people and a download mirror provided by Split Screen

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Gaming’s Lost Art of Dreaming…

This is apropos of nothing and the camera stability is a bit shaky, but Mike Cook‘s recent Videobrains talk on the lost art of dreaming and imagination really struck a chord with me. I’d definitely recommend watching if you’ve got time.

Mike is obviously someone I’ve worked with a lot in the past. I genuinely think he’s an endless source of inspiration in the games industry and I’ll be touching on the why of that in the upcoming Unlimited Hyperbole Christmas Special.

The Complete Hyperbole…


Download The Complete Hyperbole – 260MB

Little bit of housekeeping in advance of the Unlimited Hyperbole Christmas Special. As of today all Unlimited Hyperbole episodes are hosted on Dropbox and it’s no longer possible to subscribe through iTunes or RSS. Sorry, but there are logistical reasons which make it necessary.  

That’s an inconvenience, so to make up for it I’ve compiled all four seasons into a single album you can download in one go. If you’ve not listened to Unlimited Hyperbole and want to quickly up to speed, this is the way to go.

Also: I’ll be at Videobrains this month, as will several contributors to the show. I’ve spoken there before and it’s great, so come say Hi!

The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex 3…


I wrote an article about the deleted scenes of Deus Ex 3 and the closure of Ion Storm Austin. It took a long, long time to research all this and write about it, so I don’t have much more to say about it. Here’s a quote from Jordan Thomas.

“There’s a reason the place closed and it was chiefly hubris. There are many people who will tell you that the publisher f***ed us but, no. No. The method failed. Making a smaller, more intimate Deus Ex was on nobodies mind. Including mine.”

One thing that didn’t appear in the finished article is an interview I did with James Swallow. He suggested I Kickstart a book about the making of Deus Ex. Is that a thing people would be interested in? I dunno.

VideoBrains: The Deleted Scenes Video

If you didn’t fancy reading the transcript of my VideoBrains talk, The Deleted Scenes of Disney, Doom and Deus Ex, then you now have the option to watch the video instead. I actually lost my presentation notes immediately before the talk, so I end up rambling an awful lot and maintain a numbing monotone throughout. Sorry – but at least there’s a Q&A at the end!

Other videos from VideoBrains are now being posted up at the official VideoBrains website and I can particularly recommend watching the talks that Alan Williamson gave (“The Uniquely Alien World of Unreal”) and Meg Jayanth (“How to Ruin Videogames”) – which is why I’ve embedded both below.

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VideoBrains: The Deleted Scenes of Disney, Doom and Deus Ex


Last week I spoke at VideoBrains and shared never-seen-before design notes for Deus Ex 3. This was an unmade Deus Ex game which Ion Storm was developing when it collapsed in 2005 – not Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was developed by a different team.

I’m writing more about Deus Ex 3 at the moment for a larger article, but I also spoke about the importance of deleted scenes and why developers and journalists need to take a more active role in game preservation.

You can support VideoBrains by pledging $1 to support on Patreon, but I’m also putting my script and slides here for those who don’t use Patreon or who wanted the links I couldn’t include in the performance. Click to enlarge any of the images.

Update 05/10/14 : Now on YouTube!

Update 16/11/14 : Eurogamer article published!

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