The Unlimited Hyperbole Podcast

Unlimited Hyperbole is a games podcast. Each season features five episodes themed around one topic. Episodes are 15 minutes long, trimmed from much longer and totally exclusive interviews to create a focused conversation that respects your time.

Download All The Hyperbole – Every Episode at Once (260mb)

Special Episode – ‘What Would You Change?’
2014 Christmas Special: Various Guests

Season Four – ‘The One That Got Away’
Episode 1: Prof. Brian Moriarty, Academic
Episode 2: David Brown, Journalist
Episode 3: Mark Morris, Developer
Episode 4: Nicoll Hunt, Developer
Episode 5: Mike Cook, Academic

Season Three – ‘A Matter of Character’
Episode 1: James Swallow, Writer
Episode 2: Rob Briscoe, Artist
Episode 3: Jon St. Jon, Actor
Episode 4: Devine Lu Linvega, Musician
Episode 5: Darren Daley, Developer

Season Two – ‘Fear Itself’
Episode 1: Kieron Gillen, Writer
Episode 2: Richard Cobbett, Journalist
Episode 3: Chris Thursten, Journalist
Episode 4: Joe Percy, Gamer
Episode 5: Tom Jubert, Writer

Season One – ‘My Favourite Game’
Episode 1: Dan Pinchbeck, Developer
Episode 2: Craig Lager, Journalist
Episode 3: Brendon Chung, Developer
Episode 4: Joe Robinson, Journalist
Episode 5: Ben Mansell, Game Marketer

Unlimited Hyperbole is produced by Joe Martin and Harriet Jones. All music used under Creative Commons License. The show is currently on hold.