Lunchtime Legend…

I went to see I Am Legend yesterday, thanks to Microsoft. We saw it in this plush little private cinema and were introduced to it by a honcho from Warner Bros. and a honcho from MS. There were honchos all over the place, but I didn’t mind. We got free popcorn and all sorts.

Then I came back and the next day played Golden Axe with Rich on the Xbox 360. Sweet.

The other day was a big rush for me – I had an event in Soho in the morning to see Frontlines and then I hung out with Riyad for a bit before going to see the film. There was free beer and mince pies at both events and, even though I’d skipped breakfast, I ended up drinking a fair bit. I was careful to spread it out though and have a bottle of coke between each beer.

Good result – social drinking without even getting tipsy.

Bad result – needed to wee a lot.

After that Riyad and I had a Wagamamas and went to a Motorola event, but by then it was about 7PM and I’d been travelling since about 6:30. I knew it was going to take me about 2 hours to get home too since I had to pick Hannah up from work, so I left early. Then I found out that shortly after I left my name was pulled in a prize draw and I missed a chance to get a free phone. A shame – I don’t get enough free gadgets, just games (which everyone else in the office tends to nick).

I’m having a Cheese and Lettuce sandwich for lunch right now, with an apple and some ‘Nice N Spicy’ Nik Naks. After that I may have another bit of Toblerone which came in to the office today. What did you have for lunch today? Let me know in the comments section below.

Out, Joe

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