American Families Are Shrinking. Here Are Reasons Why.

The American family is one of the most iconic in the world. It’s represented in various media, from television shows to films. People worldwide dream of having an American family and living in an American house. But for some reason, more and more Americans have started to shy away from family life and have turned independent in the last few years.

The number of families has been on the decline for decades. For example, it has been found that the typical American family in the 1960s to 1970s used to be around four to three individuals, but now the trend has settled into just three individuals.

This trend is evident in rural and urban areas and persists across all racial and ethnic groups. There are various reasons why this may be happening, but some patterns are beginning to emerge. In this article, we will explore possible explanations for why American families are shrinking.

Women’s Changing Roles

One of the most likely explanations is the changing role of women in society. In the past, women were generally expected to stay home and take care of the household and children while their husbands went out to work. But now, more and more women are joining the workforce. They are finding jobs they are passionate about and offering them a good salary. With more women working, fewer women are available to stay at home and take care of the household.

Additionally, with the rise of feminism in recent years, more women are focusing on their careers rather than starting a family. They want to achieve their professional goals and make a difference. And while there is nothing wrong with this, it does contribute to the shrinking of American families.

The government has been providing incentives and benefits for working women. For example, the Affordable Care Act allows women to use their parent’s health insurance until they are 26 years old. And the Family and Medical Leave Act provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave for new mothers. These policies make it easier for women to work and provide for their families. But it’s still unclear whether it will increase childbirth in the country.


Separation is a serious deal in the United States, and it’s one of the reasons why there are over 15 million families with single parents in the United States. If the trend continues, it’s expected that two people per family will be the norm in the future.

A child that's sad because her parents are going through divorce

There are a lot of reasons why separations happen. It could be due to infidelity, financial problems, or simply because the couple is not compatible anymore. But whatever the reason may be, it generally leads to a single-parent household. And as we know, single-parent families are not as stable as two-parent households.

However, people should always avoid the cost of separation. That’s why it’s good to know a divorce lawyer before starting a family. These lawyers will ensure that you won’t be bankrupt by the end. They will also ensure that you have enough resources to raise your child when separation does happen.

Changing Perspectives of the Younger Generation

Millennials were exposed to all sorts of problems their parents and grandparents never had to deal with. They grew up during the Great Recession, making them more financially cautious. And they’ve seen how divorce can tear families apart. So it’s no surprise that they are less likely to get married and have children.

They would rather wait until they are in a stable financial situation before starting a family. And even then, they would rather have one child or none at all. Additionally, millennials focus more on their careers and personal lives than on starting a family. They want to travel and experience everything life offers before settling down.

The younger generation does not see the value in starting a family. And while that is their decision, it does contribute to the shrinking of American families.

The Bottom Line

The country is changing, and alongside it is the number of individuals per household. Having only four people in a family is no longer the norm, and this trend will likely continue in the future. This has severe implications for the country.

For one, the economy may suffer. It’s because there will be less demand for goods and services, which could decrease production. And as we know, a decrease in production leads to a reduction in jobs. So not only will families suffer, but the economy will as well.

It’s also possible that the government will have to change its policies. For example, they may have to provide more financial assistance to single-parent households. Or they may have to create more incentives for couples to have children.

The bottom line is that the shrinking of American families is a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s a problem that has far-reaching implications, and it needs to be solved before it’s too late.

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