Be Your Own Boss By Starting These 10 Businesses

If you’ve always had a vested interest in business development, or you’ve had dreams of being your own boss since childhood, there are many different business opportunities and industries to keep your eye on today. If your ultimate goal is to work on your own time and create your own schedule, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and what’s entailed in the process of building and growing a business of any kind. The more familiar you become with the industry, the more likely you’ll be to succeed, even if you’re entering a market that is extremely competitive at the moment.

Jewelry Business

If you’re an avid jewelry collector or if you’re simply into fashion, one area of interest that may be intriguing to you might involve starting a jewelry company or brand of your own. Starting a jewelry business will require a basic understanding of business development, whether you’re planning to begin your own brand or offer jewelry from a wide range of manufacturers and providers. When you’re entering the world of jewelry, you’ll need to remain flexible as trends and methods of purchasing change and shift, especially if you’re thinking of operating locally.

Starting a successful jewelry business will take a bit of time to get to know more about stones, emeralds, diamonds, and other gems that are prized and in demand with today’s fashion and jewelry trends. Understanding specific artistic styles, preparation methods, and collection methods of gems can also help significantly once you’re ready to open your own jewelry storefront. If you’re thinking of running a jewelry business online, you’ll need to know how to go about doing so while providing certifications of authenticity and building a solid and trusted reputation in your market.

Vehicle Rental Business

If you’ve earned your degree in business development, and you’re looking to start a local business, consider starting a vehicle rental business or a private limo company. Providing commercial and residential transportation to clients is a way for you to work on your own schedule and with a fleet of vehicles you’ve invested in and/or built. If you’re interested in going in the direction of a vehicle rental business, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the industry to get to know more about the surrounding competition and to determine how you’ll stand out from the crowd.

You will want to build a brand and a professional image for your vehicle rental business if you intend to succeed and potentially even expand in the future. You will need to determine what types of vehicles you’ll need to invest in, how you’ll maintain them, and how you’ll attempt to obtain the capital you require to get started. When you’re prepared to invest in the limos or other vehicles you intend to use as modes of transportation, you’ll find it much easier to navigate the world of business, even if you’re new to being your own boss.

Vehicle rental businesses will also need to be registered with their logos and trademarks. You’ll also need to apply for various licenses and protect your investment with the right insurance. Always be sure to follow the law and current regulations and potential restrictions that may be in place based on where you want to start being your own boss and which industries you’re most interested in at the time.

Graphic Design Business

If you have a knack for design, and you’ve been working with a variety of mediums, programs, and applications, you may be uniquely qualified to start working as a graphic designer. Whether you prefer working independently as a freelancer-for-hire or you’re interested in expanding your reach and abilities, a graphic design business will allow you to work in a creative manner every day of your working life. Before getting started with your official graphic design business, you’ll need to register your business and trademark any logos, business names, or slogans you intend to use.

If you’re new to working on designing, owning and operating a business, now might be a great time to begin thinking of retaining and hiring a lawyer. Working with a lawyer who specializes in protecting business owners and business investments can help you navigate the field as you develop your portfolio and establish a name for your new graphic design company. Working with an attorney who understands the realm of art and graphic design can also help you put your own mind at ease while you navigate the industry on your own.

Roofing Company

If you’re skilled in business development, and you’re interested in building a construction company or a commercial business, consider starting a roofing venture. While it’s possible to work as a local roofing contractor independently, you’ll likely find many more clients and earn more revenue once you’re doing so as an official business entity. Starting a successful roofing company will require more than the desire to do so, as you’ll likely need to take courses, become certified, and protect your investment with the right insurance policy.

Creating a roofing company means understanding a variety of roof types, from classic shingle and asphalt roofs to concrete, slate, and even solar panel solutions. Whether you’re thinking of offering roofing solutions for residential or commercial clients, you’ll need to know what to expect when you’re asked a question or when a client needs feedback. The more well-versed you are in roofing, materials, manufacturers, suppliers, and solutions, the easier you’ll find it to impress clients, regardless of the sector you’re working in.

When you’re working as a roofer, keep in mind that you’ll need to climb multiple stories to conduct inspections. You will also likely be required to inspect attics internally and from the outside of homes or buildings before you can get to work. Proper safety equipment, preparations, training, and courses will likely be necessary if you’re trying to build a roofing company with an entire crew to represent your local community.

Kitchen Remodeling Company

If you’re into remodeling, construction, and design, and you have a knack for business development, starting a kitchen remodeling company is another way to be your own boss, even if you’re starting out independently for the first time. From providing custom countertop designs to local residential citizens to providing commercial-grade kitchens for your commercial clients, there are many ways to dive head-first into the realm of working in kitchen remodeling and design. If you’re thinking of building a kitchen remodeling business, you’ll want to first develop and establish a brand and image for your company.

You will need to take some time to determine what type of clientele you’re interested in representing. If you’re determined to help your new kitchen remodeling company stand out, you will also need to build a portfolio, even by offering free renovation and remodeling services to those you know. The bigger your portfolio is, the easier it will be for you to find willing clients who are willing to place their trust in you and your decisions as a designer or contractor.

Sign Making Business

Anyone who has an interest in business development and a creative streak may want to consider making signs for locals and other business owners. Providing custom sign services for those in your community as a graphic designer or print specialist is a way to show off your design skills while also helping to expand the reach of those you know and come in contact with each day. If you’re brainstorming potential business opportunities, consider what types of signage you’re interested in offering and what type of materials you’ll be using to do so for each of your clients and/or customers.

Offering custom signage is ideal if you live in a lively community or a densely populated area. Many local sports teams, business owners, and even those celebrating unique events may require custom signage from time to time. The more materials and sizes you have available for your signage, the easier it will be for you to attract new customers to your storefront or website, depending on how you intend to promote your business and operate once you’re ready to do so on your own.

Crafting Business

If you have a creative side to you along with your business development acumen, you may want to ponder the idea of starting a crafting business that is right up your alley. Whether you work with vintage items, resin, various types of paint, or you’re interested in creating an auto recycling service, there are many avenues to consider if you’re crafty enough. A crafting business will not only allow you to be your own boss, but it will allow you to do so in a way that also provides room for creative expression.

Building any crafting business not only takes time but a solid portfolio, especially if you’re interested in building your following online. A visual portfolio is not only a way for you to demonstrate your crafting abilities, but it also allows you to find relevant clients and customers who share the same sense of style and design. When you’re connected with your audience, both locally and online, it’s much easier to build a successful crafting business of any kind.

Tree Removal Business

If you’re comfortable with your business development skills, but you prefer to work outdoors, you can also do so by starting your very own tree removal business. Tree service companies range from tree-trimming solutions to entire removal services for both residential and commercial clients alike. Regardless of the type of customer base you’re interested in reaching and representing, you can begin your own tree removal service once you’re familiar with the process of starting a new business from scratch.

Once you have a name for your tree removal business, you can then officially register it. Be sure to verify that the name you’re interested in using for your new tree removal business has not already been used, especially by anyone else in the same line of work or industry. You’ll also want to create a portfolio, offline and even online, depending on how you intend to spread the word about your tree removal services.

If you want to create an online presence to build the reputation of your tree removal business, you’ll need to register an official domain name that represents your business and its trademarked name. An official website and social media presence can help significantly if you want others to know about the type of services you currently provide in your town or community. You can also use your social media to showcase your work and to promote testimonials from verified satisfied clients.

Towing Company

You can also start a towing company once you have the right business development skills, and you’re ready to seek funding or make an investment. Offering towing services is often necessary in just about every town and/or city today, regardless of population density. If you’re thinking of going into the towing industry, get to know more about the competition near you before settling on a location that’s ideal for your new business.

An Auto Shop

Once you have a knack for the basics of business development, and you’re also well-versed in working on, repairing, or even rebuilding entire cars, opening an auto shop will allow you to be your own boss. If you want to be known as the local mechanic, or you’re thinking of opening a franchise, you will need to get to know those in your neighborhood a bit better beforehand. A truly successful auto shop will provide services that are in demand and necessary for the location and region you’re currently in.

From working in traditional business development positions to managing and overseeing the entire operation of a business, being your own boss is key to truly enjoying the freedom life has to offer. The more familiar you become with traditional and even online business development strategies and campaign types, the more likely you will be to find the success you’re seeking. Whether you’re thinking of offering countertop designs to residential companies, tree removal services to commercial clients, or you want to work as a local mechanic at your own auto shop, there are many different avenues to ponder when you’re determined to be your own boss by starting your own business.

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