Brilliant Innovations for Differently-Abled People

Having a disability used to be very restrictive and even discriminatory. With the rise of technology, differently-abled people have more liberty. Through the years, there are more innovations to make their lives more comfortable. Here are some areas where they have advanced.

Everyday Living Through Wearables

Low-vision communities find it hard to perform everyday tasks. Thanks to extensive research, they can now buy powerful smart glasses. These can help them to lead a clearer and more independent life.

Another group of people who face restrictions is those with hearing impairments. With the aid of technology, they can now enjoy some music through different wearables. There are shirts, bracelets, neckpieces, and pins for this purpose. These wearables send off vibrations and help them pick the rhythm of the music.

Smartwatches are also available for differently-abled people. It feels like having an assistant at your wrist.

Mobility to the Next Level

Some people with physical disabilities find it hard to move from one point to another. That is especially true with heightened levels such as stairs. Going to far places also is a predicament for these people.

Some research led to the development of wheelchairs with features for stair climbing. Balance and safety are top priorities for such equipment. Thus, it gives the person using it to have more mobility.

Some companies developed a scooter for differently-abled people. With its reliable features, going places is a possibility for people with disabilities.

Self-Care Made Easy

People with disabilities are not limited to the deaf and blind only. Some suffer proper muscle coordination to make them perform daily tasks. Eating may be challenging if one has no control over their hand muscles. These people have to rely on someone feeding them. Innovation was born to meet this need. It is a handheld apparatus that helps to stabilize hand movements. All one has to do is to attach this to their eating utensils. This invention gives people with tremors the ability to feed themselves with confidence.

Some people also suffer from back and hip conditions. Some find dressing themselves to be difficult. It is even more so when it needs some bending over like putting on and removing socks. An invention had come to address this need. It does not even have to be powered with high technology. But its design makes putting on and removing socks feel like a breeze.

Reliable Assistants

pwd with phone

Robots powered by artificial intelligence is becoming the norm. They can help people based on their specific programs. For people with disabilities, a robot can become a companion to help them move about. There are also cleaning robots that help maintain the households of differently-abled people.

Applications on smartphones can also serve as virtual assistants for people with disabilities. They can help these people to communicate better with others. Also, they can interact with the world around them. These applications can also perform tasks for differently-abled people. Examples are ordering online or making a calendar appointment.

Technology stepped up in assisting differently-abled people. But, at present, most of these devices come with high costs. Researchers must continue to toil to have models that are more accessible for all. Hope is not lost. Differently-abled people can benefit from innovations in technology. They only need to take it one design at a time.

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