Common Motorcycle Accidents: Avoid These if You’re a Newbie

Riding a motorcycle is invigorating for many people. They like the sensation it brings that they don’t feel when driving a car.

Unfortunately, riding a motorbike also comes with the danger of getting into an accident. If, in case, you do encounter an accident, make sure that you receive medical attention immediately and call your motorcycle injury attorney in Denver right away. You might need legal assistance, as well.

If you’re new to this kind of vehicle, you should know the common accidents associated with motorcycles so that you can avoid them.

Open car doors

Surprisingly, a large number of motorists get injured because they accidentally hit an open car door. What happens is that some motorcycle drivers go through the side of a car not expecting that the driver will suddenly open the door.

This can be easily avoided if you stick to your lane. If you see a car preparing to park, don’t try to overtake it. Instead, see if the driver will open his door.

Sudden stops

Pulling a motorcycle to a complete stop is much harder than doing it in a car. When you’re speeding on your motorcycle, always remember that. It’s also dangerous to tailgate another vehicle because of this.

If the car you’re following is too close, you run the risk of colliding with its rear end. Since you’re on a motorcycle, you have lesser protective barriers as compared to a car. So, don’t tailgate and don’t drive too fast.

Lane changing

If you’re going to switch lanes, be extra careful. When driving a car, it’s easier to check your sides for incoming vehicles. With motorcycles, it’s difficult, especially if you’re a beginner.

You’re constantly focused on balancing your bike. Sometimes, it’s difficult to check your left and right side for vehicles because simple movements could cause you to sway.

If you’re going to switch lanes, check your side mirrors to see if there are any vehicles at your sides that you might collide with. If there are none, or if the cars at your sides are a little behind, then carefully move to the other lane.

Lane splitting

Motorcycle down on the road

This is what motorcycle drivers do when they drive in between two lanes. It’s very dangerous and even illegal in some states. Never do this. If you’re going to overtake, then do so.

Don’t stay in the middle of two lanes; otherwise, you might collide with an incoming car. Also, by staying in between two lanes, you’re preventing other motorists from changing lanes or turning into an intersection.

Turning left

Inexperienced motorcycle drivers sometimes make the mistake of gauging the right distance of an incoming vehicle, when they’re about to turn left. Before your make a turn, make sure that the incoming vehicle is far enough to let you turn.

Always choose caution over risk when driving. It may be fun riding in a motorcycle, but remember that there’s nothing between you and the pavement, unlike a car. Before you gun the engine, think twice and choose to be careful than to be adventurous.

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