How to Set Up the Ultimate Distance Learning Space

Homeschooling was once a choice, but given the current global situation, it’s become a necessity for many parents and their school-age children. The new school year is right around the corner. It remains to be seen whether schools will fully be reopening, but in the meantime, it seems like distance learning is here to stay. Adapting to the new situation can be difficult, but it helps to create a dedicated set-up to facilitate learning. Here’s how you can create the ultimate homeschooling space to help your child stay productive and focused while learning at home.

Choose the best work surface

Spacious student desks are the ideal work surface for older and younger children alike. You might need a bigger space for multiple family members and younger kids who need assistance with their material. Make sure it’s the right size for your needs and that you’re able to keep it tidy and organized while you’re using it and after you’re done working.

Locate the right area to work in

Some areas of the house are more conducive to productivity than others. Bedrooms might not be the best place to study since there are tons of potential distractions there, especially for younger kids who need guidance. Whichever area you decide to set up your child’s learning space in, make sure it’s quiet, free from distractions, and has adequate lighting, plenty of storage space, and comfortable furniture.

Talk to your child

Your child might not necessarily agree with what you think an ideal homeschooling space should look like. Since they’ll be the ones primarily using the space anyway, it’s best to talk to them about what they want and reach a compromise with them. An area that feels comfortable and personal for them is one that they won’t hesitate to spend lots of time in.

Keep everything tidy and organized

A cluttered workspace can result in a cluttered mind. Make sure that you’re providing an organized and tidy workspace where your children can easily access whatever materials and supplies they need. It should also be free from clutter that would otherwise take up space where your child can work freely. Have them organize their space before they start working on their lessons and ask them to tidy up once they’ve finished their requirements for the day to expedite the process. Make sure they have enough storage solutions to properly deposit all their belongings at the end of the day.

Stick to a flexible schedule

A flexible schedule will keep children on the right track, ensuring that they accomplish all their work on time. When designing their schedule, allow for periodic breaks for eating, snacks, going to the bathroom, and stretching. If they focus too long on a certain activity, they could get easily bored and burnt out. Penciling in free time allows them to recharge their brains, so they can return to their work operating at 100%.

Utilize online resources

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Homeschooling is not a new concept. There have been thousands of parents who have been successfully doing it long before the new normal began. For this reason, you’ll find tons of free online resources from people with prior homeschooling experience to help you out. This includes lesson plans, schedules, worksheets, and more. There are also tons of support groups online should you need further guidance.

Homeschooling and distance learning can be incredibly daunting, and you might find it difficult to adapt so soon. These tips are here to help you adjust to the new situation so you can provide a productive learning experience for your children.

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