Marketing to People Who Reject Trends

Trends help businesses figure out what their consumers want. There are trends you, as a marketer, want to follow, while there are trends you want to start yourself. It pays off when your customers acknowledge your participation in the trend and they spend on your products. However, not all customers follow trends.
There are people who have strong opinions about trends. How do you reach them and convert them into paying customers?

Know Where They’re Coming from

It’s part of the job of SEO service providers in Denver to profile their target market. Your ads would be ineffective if you don’t know the kinds of customers you’re targeting. It will be a guessing game, and considering how much you’re spending on that ad, you’d want a bit more certainty. It’s better to work with experts to get it right from the beginning. The performance of your ads will depend greatly on how well you researched your target market and considered why they are not giving in to trends.

Understand Their Lifestyle

plant-based diet or they might be trying to lose weight. It is not a fault of your product; they’re just not interested in what you’re offering. You could have the latest craze and everyone on Instagram might be talking about your products, but for those who live a different lifestyle, you are not significant. When you know what’s stopping them from trying your products, you’ll know what to do to capture their attention. A vegan version or a light version could be added to your menu, and you could come up with ads that talk about how you pay attention to food preparation to prevent triggering allergies. Your whole brand doesn’t need to change, but you’re offering options for those you couldn’t originally reach.

Be Willing to Make Changes

Brand marketing concept with paper product package
Sometimes, your whole approach to production has to change to continue serving your customers and to get others on board. Those who reject trends because they are wasteful will recognize the effort you put into a greener manufacturing process. They might have been avoiding a certain brand because of its excessive and wasteful plastic packaging, but if you can come up with an eco-friendly way to solve this, they’ll be loyal customers. You’re not changing the product itself, but you are coming up with ways to make it more sustainable. Starbucks, a successful brand that generates so much waste due to its plastic cups and straws, have not changed their drinks, but they offer discounts for those who bring reusable cups. They also offer beautifully designed cups and mugs of their own. In this case, rejecting one trend might give way to another source of income.
Working with marketing agencies to get your brand out there is hard enough when you have to consider current trends. But don’t forget those who reject trends, as they can contribute greatly to the success of your company if you play your cards well.

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