Planning for the Inevitable: Making Preparations for When You Die

Death is inevitable and, often, it comes without warning. That is why everyone should always be prepared for its arrival even if one is not sick nor old.

When you have children, it is best to make preparations early in case you leave the world unexpectedly. Although the thought alone of parting with your children is difficult and painful, it is something you must do as a parent to make sure that your offsprings will live comfortably after you are gone.

When to Write Your Will

It is never to early to write your will. Your will is a binding legal document that instructs your surviving family members what to do you with your assets on the occasion of your death. This means your will shall dictate how much money and which property will go to your children, your spouse, your parents, your siblings, etc.

You can write your will on your own but, if you have the budget, the process will be easier if you consult a lawyer. There are lawyers that specialise in wills in Townsville. There are also free templates online to minimise the possibility that you will make some mistakes. You must sign the document at the end to make it legally binding (but it will be better if you sign every page). There must be two people present in the room to act as witnesses when you sign it.

Appoint a Guardian

Another important task that you need to accomplish is to choose a guardian who will take care of your child in case you unexpectedly pass away. Failing to do so will leave your child in the hands of strangers appointed by the state to raise them until they are of legal age. To protect your children, you have to make a decision. You may choose a sibling or your parents to act as a guardian to the children. If one of your offsprings are of legal age, you may also assign them as a guardian to their younger siblings.

When deciding who to choose as a guardian to your children, you have to consider several factors. Do they have a lifestyle that will allow your child to live comfortably? Do they have the same values as you do? Are they capable of providing emotional support to your children? You must tell the person you have chosen to be your children’s guardian to avoid any problems in the future. A verbal agreement will suffice but you should put it in writing in case your wishes are challenged. An agreement signed by you will ensure that your wishes will be honored.

Plan Your Funeral

Funeral; Service

This is optional, but it might help your children if plans are already in place for your send-off. You would want to locate a grave plot and make the purchase if you want a burial. In case you prefer cremation, you may contact a local funeral home to make arrangements. These things will save your family, which is already grieving, from a lot of headaches later on. This way, you also get to decide how you want the memorial service to be handled.

Doing these things will be tough but, in the end, it is your children who will benefit from it.  Although you obviously will want to stay with your children for as long as possible, these preparations will ensure that they will be able to live comfortably without you.

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