Game: Fractured Skyline

Fractured Skyline is a turn-based strategy game for iOS and Android which is currently under development by Preliminal Studios, an award-winning independent games studio in London. The game fuses CCG mechanics with geo-locational features, procedural generation and both real-time and turn-based gameplay.

Funded in part by Crytek and Abertay University, Fractured Skyline uses the proprietary MANTLE engine which turns your real-world location into a science-fiction setting. Players take the role of a sinister mega-corporation and do battle with other businesses to gain dominance and resources.

I joined the Fractured Skyline team as Lead Writer in 2012, leading world-building and creating different characters and settings for the early versions of the game. I wrote plot details, missions, unit descriptions, marketing material and more. In 2014 I stepped back from a full-time role, but I continue to consult on the project on an on-going basis.

Fractured Skyline is still in active development. Find out more at the Fractured Skyline site.