Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing is the independent publisher behind The Week, PC Pro, Den of Geek, Expert Reviews, Viz and many more.

I started at Dennis Publishing in 2008 after the acquisition of, a start-up where I had worked as Staff Writer since 2006.

By 2009 I had been promoted to Games Editor for both and Custom PC Magazine, the UK’s most popular PC technology magazine.

I continue to write for Custom PC Magazine, but since going freelance in 2012 I’ve also written for publications such as Eurogamer, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Den of Geek, Gamasutra, Trusted Reviews, Bizarre Magazine, PC Gamer, ChannelFlip, BBC Radio 5 Live and many, many more.

My journalistic work has been shortlisted for several awards and you can check my LinkedIn profile for recommendations.

Selected Work

Habitat: Tales from the first MMO – Eurogamer

Ion Storm’s Lost Deus Ex Sequels – Eurogamer

Can You Erase Yourself From The Internet? – PC Pro Magazine

Standing Desks: Fad or Fixture? – Alphr

Stealing History: From Dark Camelot to Thief – RockPaperShotgun

The Computer That Designs Games – Gamasutra

Let’s Talk About Tech: Christmas Special Part 1 & Part 2 – BBC Radio 5Live

Hotline Miami Review –

Time and Memory – Five Out Of Ten Magazine

The Big Cow Punch: An Idiot’s Guide to Fallout 2 – RockPaperShotgun

Video Games You Will Never Play – Book

An Essay on Thief: The Dark Project – Personal Blog

This Isn’t About Monkey Island, Honest –