Game: Split Decision

Split Decision is a quiz game for iPhone and Android. It was developed by Dennis Publishing and released to rave reviews from critics and players in 2012.

Based on the popular American trivia game by Mental Floss Magazine, Split Decision asks players to choose which of two categories something fits into. Is Boccob a type of potato or a god in Dungeons & Dragons? Is Breathe on Me a Britney Spears song or a Sylvia Plath poem?

I worked as game designer and writer for Split Decision, creating new game modes and prototypes, as well as writing all content and producing the in-app purchases. Split Decision stayed in the Top 10 board games chart on iPhone for six months after release and was Starbucks’ App of the Week in April 2012.

Download Split Decision for free on the App Store or Google Play.


“Split Decision is an amazingly addictive game – 9/10” – God is a Geek
“Split Decision is perfect mobile gaming material – Recommended” – Beefjack
“You’ll love this” –