Project: VideoBrains Lectures

VideoBrains is a monthly event where speakers from all sorts of backgrounds come to give talks about games. Started in 2014 by Jake Tucker, VideoBrains has played host to the likes of Kieron Gillen, Mike Bithell, Mary HamiltonEmily Gera and me.

I’ve spoken three times at VideoBrains, including at the very first event in Meltdown, London, where I spoke about the need for journalists and developers to become more active in preserving the history of the games industry.

Visit the official VideoBrains site for more information or watch the talks below.

Videos & Scripts

Deleted Scenes: Disney, Doom & Deus Ex (Script)

Easter Eggs: A Love Letter to Love Letters in Games (Script)

Stealing History: They Stole Thief 4 From Me (Script)