Starting a Community: How to Start Your Own Closely Knit Community

Residential communities are the heart of every nation. It is where our people find each other. It is where they settle with their families. And it is where they live and love for the rest of their lives. Enriching these communities should be everybody’s goal because it is in these particular communities where we will be spending most of our lives. A good and kind community will be a great place to live, and we shouldn’t settle for less than that.

This can be a daunting task for anyone in a community because sometimes a particular community isn’t mature enough to be improved upon. However, once a community is aware of its underlying problems and is willing to grow as one, improvements and changes can be made. If you have noticed the willingness to change in your community, then you can implement these simple but effective ways to bring your community closer than ever.

Getting-to-know-you Activities

Getting-to-know-you activities are the easiest ways to know the people in your community, and they are simple to do.

The only thing you’ll need for these activities is a big enough venue for them. These activities can be casual. You can have a simple catering service and mingle with other people. Or you can add activities to this get-together. Activities like three truths and one lie are an excellent way to start. It’s simple. You tell everyone to have three truths about themselves and then one lie. You put them into groups and tell them that they have to guess which one is the lie. It’s a fun and simple get-to-know-you activity that brings people closer than ever.

There is a great purpose to this general activity, knowing what your community members are capable of contributing. Generally, you’d want to know the professions of each person in the community. You’d be surprised what kind of professions some people have in your community. Understanding these professions is essential to their contributions to your community in the future.

For example, an estate attorney can help various members of the community regarding their residential problems. A doctor in the community can help with maintaining people healthy. Knowing these things can be beneficial for you and the people of the community.

Start a Committee


Once you’ve got to know each other from the previous activity, it’s time for your community to have a committee. A committee will oversee the projects and developments that your community will have for the next few years.

Starting a committee can be done in various ways. People can volunteer for particular spots, or people can be nominated and voted upon by the rest of the community. If it’s your first time forming a committee, it would be smarter to ask for volunteers or assign some people into their designated roles, as this will make the entire process a lot faster.

Once you’ve started your committee, you can start implementing all kinds of programs and projects that will improve every member of your community’s relationships. These projects can be centered on hitting a particular community goal. Some of them can be a general project or be done for the community’s enjoyment and satisfaction. As long as you have projects and programs going, you will bring the entire community closer than ever.

Have Group Therapy Once a Week

Group therapy will be the fundamental psychological service you’ll need for both your community and the committee.

Group therapy is going to be one of the things that will bring you closer as a community. It will help with sharing problems and experiences as a whole. This is beneficial for the younger members of your community because they can learn from others regarding what to do and what not to do. Group therapy can serve as some moral compass for everyone parts in it.

An additional thing that group therapy can provide for your community is its inherent capability to solve problems. As more and more people share their problems, the more others would be willing to help. This can be through advice. It can also be through directly helping that person. As you can see, the best way you can address problems as they arise in your community is through group therapy. However, a question might be in your head regarding this. That question is, who will head the group therapy sessions?

If you have a psychologist in your community, they can head the session. However, if you have none, then it’s time for you to look for one. You only need the psychologist to be there for the first few sessions. A trained community facilitator can do the rest. The psychologist can train this particular person during the sessions. The psychologist can visit once in a while to see how the sessions are going, but you won’t necessarily need their help once you’ve grown capable of handling the sessions.

These are just a few ways to start your close-knit community. These kinds of communities are beneficial to people from all demographics. It can hp with reducing violence and drug use in the community. It can also generally help with bringing people ever closer in the community.

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