Press X to Speak…

Last week Jason Dewey interviewed me for a new video series he’s doing called Press X to Speak. I talked about what I like about games, what I hate about them and what my biggest professional regrets are. This teaser clip features me talking about The Secret of Monkey Island and why I enjoy co-operative singleplayer more than just straight multiplayer. Watch it, do.

Unlimited Hyperbole #16


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One constant in the games industry is that any one success necessitates a sequel. It was true for Zork in the 1980s and it’s true for Dishonored now too; the law of the franchise.

Professor Brian Moriarty has bucked this law throughout his entire career however, leaving titles such as Loom, Wishbringer and Trinity as standalone hits rather than sprawling series. He’s also worked on a staggering number of unreleased or cancelled games, including unseen Indiana Jones and Star Wars games. In this episode, Brian discusses why he left those titles and the industry behind.

Unlimited Hyperbole is a short podcast about videogames and the stories we tell about them. The show is divided into seasons of five episodes, each with a precise topic. This time we’re talking about ‘The One That Got Away’ – but to find out more, read after the jump.

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Monkey Island Map…


guybrush in world map

Something stupid that my Dad and I noticed over the Christmas period – Guybrush Threepwood watching over Finland. He supplied the idea, I supplied the shitty MS Paint work in between playing Bastion on Onlive, Limbo on PC and an as-yet-unreleased art game.

I thought it best that I didn’t continue the illustration below the waist, as the Gulf of Finland could be interpreted quite suggestively…

Joe, Out.

Broken Ribs…

I don’t have anything in particular to say, I just wanted to update this blog because I haven’t done so since May and that’s something I find vaguely humiliating.

So, here is a dispassionate rundown of highlights from the past months…

  • I tooks up Fencing as a pastime
  • I broke a rib in one of my Fencing training classes
  • I stopped Fencing

I also got made Games Editor for and Custom PC Magazine, which is nice. It’d be nicer if PRs actually remembered that and rang me directly rather than ringing Clive first, but, since I always answer Clive’s phone anyway, I suppose I’m not exactly inspiring change anyway.

There have been other things too, both minor and uninteresting. Joy.

Here are some words I wrote and think are not-so-bad, in reverse chronological order:

Aren’t bullet points fun?

The above picture is of Frozen Synapse, a game that all PC gamers should watch because it is both awesome and interesting. Watch this trailer for it, then know it’s not as complex as it looks. Read more in my Frozen Synapse preview.

Joe, Out.

Return of DeathSpank…


Holy shit, I wrote a load of craz-ee stuff in the last few weeks and then I saw a dragon. Well, no, not really – but I did do a load of writing on the site, some of which could possibly even be described as good. Links at the bottom.

More importantly that any of that though was the fact that I finally finished watching all of Battlestar Galactica, the re-imagined series. Late, I know, but I like to sit down and watch TV shows only after they’ve already finished so that I can watch them at my own pace. I loved watching Buffy and Angel every week back in the day, but it was such a drawn out and painfully delayed process that I’d prefer to not do it again. Thus, I watched Battlestar Galactica only recently. And I can’t get ‘All Along the Watchtower’ out of my head. Alas.

I suppose I could squeeze some detailed analysis out if I wanted, but the emphasis would be on squeeze – so I’d rather not. It was good, I liked it, now I’ll move on to something else. Probably getting some serious Baldur’s Gate on; life as a Lv. 3 Half-Elf Conjurer requires dedication.

I have little else to say, so here are the links.

I also did a blog post on my bit-tech blog about Games to Play with Your Children, which was something I’d long been planning as a feature. Other games to add to that list include Tales of Monkey Island, Worms, Facade and House of the Dead: Overkill.