Will This Game Work On Windows 7…

dragon age

It was my Grandfather’s funeral earlier this week which, though it probably isn’t gracious to admit it, was actually a fairly enjoyable affair because it meant we got to get the whole family together. It was sad too, obviously and I read a eulogy and there were many tears, but it was great to see all my cousins and sisters and my brother. It’s also meant that I’ve been out of the work at an awkward time though and perhaps haven’t been totally focused, so I haven’t got many links to put up. The postal strikes in the UK haven’t helped either – my copy of Borderlands only just arrived, though I’ve had Torchlight and Dragon Age: Origins to keep me busy.

The first joint Bit-tech and Custom PC awards are coming up soon and, though there’s only one gaming category in the awards and I’m not really sure how it’s all being organised, it should be a fairly good night. I’ll admit to being nervous about it though, as I’m not really very good at smalltalk and schmoozing unlike most everyone else in this industry. I’d much prefer to be sat in the corner with a tall gin and tonic than having to watch my sobriety and make chit-chat. Ah well. Here’s some links.

There’s also this, though it isn’t by me. It’s a fairly good set of reasons why IWNet for Modern Warfare 2 will suck ass. And this, which is a new feature we’ve rolled out on bit-tech lately. And this; Frank Turner, who I’ve been listening to lately.

That’s about it really. I do have other stuff to say, including an update on The Baldur’s Gate Challenge, but I can’t be bothered right now. Long story/short – I finished Durlag’s Tower and it was a right bitch.

Joe, Out.