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With the quarantine restrictions slowly loosening due to the vaccine rollout, companies may have considered going back to the office. While this may be true for some organizations, there may still be others who remain reluctant to return to the “old normal.” The remote work setup has had everyone adjusting to a new work environment. During this time, casual interaction with colleagues has been minimized to the limitations of the digital workspace.

While handling the communications aspect of a remote work setup can easily be remedied, businesses need modern technology to handle the workforce amid this crisis. ServiceNow HR management can assist businesses in managing their teams that may otherwise be less organized during this time.

During a remote work setup, holding team-building sessions is still possible, and it is necessary. Having these sessions can help improve the team’s morale and motivation by forging stronger ties between colleagues.

Remote Work Myths

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Working from home has its benefits, but there are also myths surrounding this work setup. While it may have been an unusual experience for many of us, some have already adjusted to this setting. For others, it is important to debunk the misconceptions surrounding remote working to help improve their productivity levels. Here are some myths surrounding the remote work setting.

It might be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day when engaged in the remote work setup, but this might, indeed, be counterproductive. Apart from the fact that you might have video conferences lined up in your daily work schedule, you also need to do your usual workday routine to help increase your productivity level. Getting ready for work even if you are working from home will signal your brain that you are in work mode.

Contrary to popular belief, working from home does excuse you from having regular work hours. You can’t simply work at any time of the day because the chances are high that you are still working with a team that closely follows a schedule. If you are working independently, you must have deadlines to meet every day. Otherwise, business owners still have clients to attend to, so slacking off is not really an option.

While it may seem like managing your work-life balance is easier when working from home, it is actually the opposite. With the convenience of knocking on your door to ask you to do chores or errands, it is difficult to set boundaries between family and work. You must be strict with these boundaries with your family members to make sure you get work done on time.

These myths about working from home should be debunked and faced head-on. Acknowledging these myths and finding ways to deal with them is an important part of working efficiently and productively in the comfort of your home.

Maintain Efficient Teamwork Amid A Pandemic


Maintaining teamwork during a pandemic and amid a remote work setup can become problematic without the right tools and technology. Keep your team productive even during quarantine by learning what you need to motivate your workforce. Here are some methods that can be beneficial to your employees during this time.

Good communication is one of the most important aspects of teamwork during a remote work setup. Compared to working at the office, a remote work setup is often an isolating experience. It is important to encourage constant instant messaging and chat sessions among colleagues to avoid miscommunication about projects and tasks. Explore the various available apps and tools online that can be used to manage your modes of communication.

Video meetings are also important, especially when talking with clients online. Ensure you practice and familiarize your team with the various common video conferencing tools to ensure a smooth flow in video meetings with colleagues.

Project management can become a tedious task when you aren’t in the same room as the people you manage. Project managers need to find the right tools suitable for their workflow to help them efficiently manage their teams and constituents. Project management is an important aspect of a company’s workflow, so this should be one of the priorities of remote workers.

Not having access to your company’s internal servers during a remote setup can be a hassle when you have many files to share with your teammates. Find the most appropriate cloud storage application for your needs and make sure that your team is proficient in using this application to avoid corrupted or deleted files in the process.

It is important to explore various ways of improving your team’s workflow during this time as businesses continue to adapt to the situation. As the business landscape slowly relaxes into a more comfortable disposition, teams should remain flexible and agile if any abrupt changes in the current situation.

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