The Best Chain Sling Rigging Tips

This guide offers great advice on using chain slings for rigging. The first way is to grab the hook and put it back on the ring. But this might be a little tough on your hands because it can scrape your knuckles. You can also attach the bottom hook around the main chain and feed it through.

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Doing so keeps the hook out of the way. It won’t bump your head, and it dangles. The best way is to open up a hole on the other chain and hook the bottom hook to that. If you do so, the extra hook is completely out of the way and won’t cause any problems.


When you’re gearing up to use a chain sling, give it a good once-over. Check for any signs of wear and tear, like rust or cracks. If it’s looking worn out, swap it out for a fresh one. Also, pay attention to the weight limits. Each chain sling has a maximum weight it can handle. Don’t go overboard, or you might risk a serious mess. Know the weight of whatever you’re lifting and choose the right sling for the job.


When you’re hooking things, use the right attachments. Don’t grab any old hook or shackle. Ensure they’re the right size and strength for your sling and the load. You don’t want anything slipping or breaking mid-lift. Now, when you’re lifting stuff with a chain sling, the angle of the sling matters.


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