Cyclists Face the Risks of Road Injuries

A major road accident involving bicycles could be fatal for the cyclist. Even with the use of helmets and other safety gear, the cyclist is at risk for acute trauma that could lead to death or long-term disability. Most of the time, people between the ages of 20 and 34 are involved as they dare to ride on busy roads. The risk for a fatal event increases in urban areas.

Immediate consequences of cycling accidents

In the event of a crash involving a cyclist in Salt Lake City or any other metropolitan area, an auto accident lawyer may be called if there is negligence or driver error involved. Before a legal battle ensues, the priority of the cyclist is to get immediate medical attention.

Most common injuries seen among cyclists

A break of the collarbone or clavicle is one of the most common injuries among avid cyclists. If the fracture is not comminuted and does not involve a severe soft tissue injury, it should heal within two months.

Another common injury that brings cyclists to doctors’ clinics is a road rash. A road rash is rarely serious, but it can be very painful. If you skid along a rough tarmac without anything between your skin and the concrete, you’d suffer the painful consequences. When your skin’s inner parts are exposed, the pain could be quite annoying.

If you had a minor crash and have to deal with road rash, follow the instructions from your physician. A road rash may not be so serious, but if you don’t take care of it properly, an infection could occur. And an infection could be life-threatening.

Serious injuries

Head injuries resulting from collisions with another motor vehicle are the leading causes of deaths among cyclists. These injuries are usually accompanied by a fracture of the facial bone, lacerations on the cheeks and forehead, nasal bone fractures, and dental injuries. Eye trauma may result in visual impairment. Those who survive serious bicycle crashes may need to deal with a long-term disability due to the massive head or neck injuries.

Statistics should offer insights on the gravity of the consequences of cycling accidents. Cyclists and motorists alike owe it to themselves to follow traffic rules and always prioritize road safety.

Watch out for overuse injuries

Low section shot of female athlete standing with her bicycle

Riding a bike is a highly physical exercise. You’ll develop a lean body and burn excess fat deposits. Yet, you are at risk for developing overuse injuries manifesting with muscle and joint pain, and possibly paresthesias (sensory disturbances) from nerve compression. If there is a part of the bicycle that does not fit perfectly with your anatomy and riding style, you might deal with chronic pain on the lower back or the knee.

If you ride long and often, your wrists and hands might give in to the strain. Avid bikers take care of their bodies and take the time to work out in the gym to strengthen muscles that take the brunt of the work.

Cycling is a popular sport and bicycles are among the primary means of transport for many people. Unfortunately, accidents involving cyclists are common and can be fatal. Whenever you ride a bike, wear the prescribed protective gear and always prioritize your safety.

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