How Lifelong Learning Is the Key to Your Future—Professionally

Now more than ever, lifelong learning is essential in the lives of many people. The technology that we are so addicted to is making it impossible to remain stagnant. We have to adapt to changes. We have to keep up with modern technology, innovation, methods, and the never-ending competition in the industry. Without the commitment to continuous and lifelong learning, you will be stuck in a nevaer-ending loop of seeing other people get the best of you.

And why shouldn’t they be promoted ahead of you if they upgraded and updated their skills? If they worked hard to not only finish a master’s degree but to join several internship programs, why shouldn’t they climb the corporate ladder faster? The problem with most people is they forget that life is a never-ending process of learning and re-learning. If you don’t try to keep up with the changes in the industry that you joined, you will never fulfill the goals you’ve set in the first place.

More Than About a College Degree

Lifelong learning isn’t simply about finishing college. Learning extends way beyond the walls of your university. Lifelong learning means knowing that it’s also important to take other classes and lessons. In Singapore, SSG-funded courses reskill and upskill workers so that they can adapt to the changes in their work. They integrate the actual work environment in these courses, so students can learn about the industry they are going to be a part of.

If you want to be able to compete with other workers, you have to arm yourself with the tools the future needs. That means pursuing learning in every form that you can—from college degrees, internships, to actual work experiences. With these tools, you’ll have the knowledge industries badly need today and in the future.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Once you enter an organization, you might think that your skills and qualifications are enough to stay forever in that position. But don’t you want a better salary, more comprehensive benefits, and a sense of fulfillment? You have to become a lifelong learner even if you’re already with the organization that you want to be a part of. In a corporate setting, strive to learn more from your superiors and colleagues. Offer your time and energy for tasks that are beyond what you would normally do for the company.

Besides learning daily from your successes and mistakes, volunteering your time and resources to new tasks will also open learning opportunities for you. For example, have you ever organized a corporate event? If your company is having a big event, volunteer yourself as part of the organization committee. Here, you will learn the intricacies of dealing with suppliers, managing contracts, and negotiating for the right prices.

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Academic Qualifications Are Not the Key to Employment

Your academic qualifications are not the only reason for your employment. Hiring managers are going to look at your passion for learning. They want to see that you’re constantly seeking knowledge that you can apply in your work. Did you attend seminars and conferences? Are you active in the related industry? Have you taken personal development courses such as leadership training and the like?

Many people think that academic qualifications are the be-all and end-all of employment. They are not. Instead, hiring managers want to see how committed you are to learning for the future. They want to hire people who will help usher the organization to the new era of work. The only way for you to show this commitment is to become a lifelong learner.

Lifelong Learning Is a Way out of a Bad Job

Lifelong learning is not only for keeping a job. It’s also for getting out of a job that you don’t want. How many of you stayed long with an organization even though you feel stuck? Your lack of skills is hindering you from applying to new positions or even leaving the industry where you’ve been working. Why not try to upgrade your skills? You can get certification degrees from technical institutions.

Getting stuck in a job that you don’t want is detrimental to your health. You will not have the inspiration you need to do your job well or even to make new goals. Your future depends on the betterment of yourself every chance you get.

Competing for jobs today is the farthest thing from being easy. Not only are you competing with the ever-changing and evolving technology, but you’re also competing against this new generation of workers who seem savvier, more composed, and more talented than any you’ve encountered. You have to keep up, or you’re not only going to be left behind, but you might even find yourself unfit for any position already.

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