One for Mother Earth: Crafty Ways Your Community Can Go Green

From using stasher bags to making sure you have ENERGY STAR equipment, there are unique ways to be eco-friendly, and help Mother Earth in the process. Stasher bags are truly a kitchen blessing. Microwave-safe and also dishwasher-safe means it’s one convenient storage tool for leftovers and whatnot. Plus, it’s designed to withstand the freezer chill and the heat of the oven. All this means stasher bags replace plastic containers, a menace that is choking the life out of the planet.

Indeed, it’s about time we take things seriously. Last look climate change and pollution are putting 25,062 species on the planet in danger of becoming extinct. One concrete example is our oceans. Thanks to the year-in-year-out temperature rise compounded by the water’s acidification what used to be lush forests underwater filled with fish, crustaceans, and algae are now becoming white deserts.

The good news is you can do more when you do things as a community. And being eco-friendly should be top of that list. It’s definitely the way to go. More people pitching in means more results.

If you’re wondering how to go about that, fret not. Here are quick and simple ways you can bring your community to action, and lend a hand to Mother Earth.

Install LED Lighting

It may sound simple but when your community upgrades to LED inside and outside homes it can go a long way towards being Earth-friendly. First, know that LED bulbs, as energy-efficient as they are, can save you about 80% less on power in comparison to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Think about that. Not only will LEDs reduce your monthly energy bill, but also they can help the negative impact on the environment.

To top it all, LED bulbs last longer than your traditional bulbs. So, you need not buy a new one anytime soon.

Reimagine Your Landscaping

There are many ways to create a mess out of the landscaping. A slew of seemingly harmless actions could put blemish the record of a homeowner association (HOA) for one. We’re talking about over watering, relying on outdated pieces of equipment that spits out harmful toxic fumes, and pushing local wildlife out. Indeed, you should look into better ways to put your property in order without harming the environment.

It would be beneficial for everyone to hold everyone accountable. Take a step back and discuss various options available. A good option to take is to leave the landscaping to professionals. For instance, having expert snow plowing and removal services handle tons of snow in the neighborhood is wise. It means you’ve assured the problem at hand is taken care of with minimal damage to the environment.


Install Regular Recycling Events

Events have a way to cultivate interest in people. Perhaps, this is but normal for a man to bolt to action when everyone is doing a good deed. When you hold recycling events, you give the community a unique way to pitch in and impact the environment better.

A good day to do this is during Earth Day. As it coincides with yearly spring-cleaning tasks, that day should be perfect. You can even teach residents the basics of reducing, reducing, and recycling during said time. Of course,  you need to agree beforehand. If you do have an HOA, refer to them in advance to set the event in motion.

Some of the things you can factor on your recycling event are:

  • Drop-off centers: Agree on a place where people can drop off old PCs, old electronics, and TVs
  • Cleaning up events: Target common areas such as parks. Then have everyone visit your assigned recycling center to deliver recyclable materials (e.g., paper,  glass).
  • Donate. Have everyone bring their old but still-useful shirts, toys, and whatever so these can be donated to charitable institutions.

Practice Paperless

Let’s face it. Paper comes from trees. The more we use them, the more we have to cut down trees. Going paperless is therefore a logical step in your community effort to go eco-friendly. You can practice that at meetings and in your official communication between homeowners and HOA. Instead of using paper, use social media or email, or SMS to give people notice. Additionally, you can tap apps online that promote paperless communication (e.g., TownSq).

Tend to a Community Garden

If you want an impressive way to go eco-friendly, this is it. Indeed, a community garden can be a really useful way to help Mother Earth. Firstly, it allows people access to really fresh produce that’s not tainted by toxic chemicals or GMOs. Secondly, gardens actually aid in reducing the negative impacts of harmful chemicals in the air on the environment. It’s sustainable agriculture right in your midst.

Plus, you’re giving people a glorious way to enjoy the fresh air and be active. Any way you look at it, it’s a win-win worth pursuing. And reap the handsome rewards thereafter.

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